Lusty Leather

Yet another season is upon us; and we here at Lusty Leather are excited at the prospect of being able to provide all your leather needs.

Sir L has come up with a few new designs with which to temp you.   He continues to hone His skills to provide you with the finest quality goods.

On the distaff side, leenie is doing her fabulous best bringing her art work to an even higher level than before 

We would like to thank you, our loyal patrons for your continued support of our humble enterprise.  Although the cost of materials has risen considerably, we shall endeavor to keep prices at a fair amount.

This year a portion of our proceeds from sales will be used to support the Wounded Warrior Project, helping our disabled service men and women.

When you venture out to faire this season be sure to come see us if for only a firm handshake and a warm greeting.  Most of our customers quickly become friends and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Yours in Leather,
Sir Lawrence and Leenie of Lusty Leather

Be sure to visit our "Special Friends" page.

We shall be at many of the smaller Faires this Spring and Summer in the Northeast...
stop by and say "Good Morrow!"  

~Sir Lawrence & leenie

Larry & leenie's Lusty Leather
Phone: (845)858-9822

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Greetings, Friends,

Well met Traveler and Welcome All.

In Memory of our friend Scott

aka Sarum, Keeper of the Head

  Lusty Leather
    Port Jervis, NY
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